Marsy’s Law for Ohio Facts

Marsy’s Law for Ohio grants these basic constitutional rights to crime victims:


1.) The right to be treated with respect, fairness and dignity throughout the criminal justice process.

2.) The right to information about the rights and services available to crime victims.

3.) The right to notification in a timely manner of major proceedings and developments in the case. Also, the right to be notified of all changes to an offender’s status.

4.) The right to be present at court proceedings and provide input to a prosecutor before a plea deal is struck.

5.) The right to be heard at pleas or sentence proceedings or any process that may grant an offender’s release.

6.) The right to restitution.

Marsy’s Card


Marsy’s Law rights are be provided to crime victims in the form of Marsy’s Card. Victims' rights advocates, first responders and prosecutors point to the Marsy’s Card as a critical component of establishing rights and making a complicated process easier to understand. Much like Miranda Rights read to the accused, a Marsy’s Card is provided to victims of crime and their families.