What specifically are victims’ rights advocates required to do under Marsy’s Law -that we were not already doing through notification of rights, hearing dates, case updates, etc.?

Most of the Marsy’s Law provisions were already codified prior to the passage of the amendment. Marsy’s Law elevated these provisions to the constitution. Advocates will be able to 8 provide services to more victims due to the expanded definition of “victim.” One major change is that restitution is now mandatory. Advocates should work with victims to collect the documentation needed to support a restitution award. Another significant change is that victims have the explicit ability to enforce their rights—either prose, through victims’ counsel like OCVJC attorneys, or, upon request, with the help of the prosecutor. Advocates should provide victims with information on how to enforce their rights and refer victims to Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center if there is any concern the victim’s rights are or maybe, violated.